PKU EASY Shake & Go

A novel lightly-sparkling drink designed to improve the palatability of patients’ diets

What is PKU EASY Shake & Go?1

PKU EASY Shake & Go is a protein substitute powder for the dietary management of patients with PKU aged 3 years and above. It’s innovative double-coating technology delivers a mild taste and a minimal smell. PKU EASY Shake & Go does not contain the amino acid phenylalanine, and can be used to support patients’ low Phe diet.

PKU EASY Shake & Go is available in a lightly-sparkling fresh-orange flavour

An innovative double-coated powder designed for palatability; Handy for people on-the-go, as water can be added directly to the bottle; Simply add water (80m1—130m1) and shake before drinking; Contains a range of non-Phe amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and trace elements; Contains 15 g of protein and 125 kcal of energy per bottle; Suitable for patients aged 3 and above

How do you take PKU EASY Shake & Go?1

  1. Simply add cold water (80 ml – 130 ml) to the PKU EASY Shake & Go bottle…

  2. …and shake for 10 seconds before drinking.

It’s recommended you use or refrigerate PKU EASY Shake & Go immediately after mixing.
The refrigerated product must be used within 5 hours.

Further information

To find out more about the composition of PKU EASY Shake & Go, download the data sheet here.

For more information for patients, download the patient information leaflet here.


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